🎉 Lino & Guida – Kizomba Dance đŸŽ”Kaisha – Comment vivre sans toi

#kizomba #kizombadancing #kaysha

Improvisação de Kizomba, com Lino & Guida, com a mĂșsica do Kaysha – Comment vivre sans toi

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Aprende a dançar Salsa, Bachata e Kizomba, de um modo fåcil, råpido e divertido na nossa academia.
Locais e horĂĄrios das nossas aulas: https://salsa-algarve.com/horarios/
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Academia de Salsa do Algarve é a primeira escola de Salsa no Algarve usando um método estruturado, fåcil de seguir no ensino das danças latinas.

É especializada em danças latinas e africanas com aulas regulares de Salsa, kizomba e Bachata e workshops diversos.

Através da nossa metodologia de ensino, pode aprender rapidamente e de um modo divertido. Desde os passos båsicos até combinaçÔes mais complicadas.

Mesmo aqueles que se consideram um “pĂ© de chumbo” tĂȘm connosco a oportunidade de com determinação e entrega realizarem o seu objetivo de aprender.

#kizomba #kizombadancing #kaysha

Improvisação de Kizomba, com Lino & Guida, com a mĂșsica do Kaysha – Comment vivre sans toi
Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed it!

If you want to join our lessons check the timetable here https://salsa-algarve.com/horarios/

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✔ site: http://www.salsa-algarve.com/
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Learn to dance Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata in a easy way.
We have lessons for total beginners, and more advanced!

Academia de Salsa do Algarve is the first dance studio in Algarve to offer Salsa classes in a structured, easy to understand level system that simplifies the learning process.

The Academia de Salsa do Algarve is a internationally recognized dance company funded by Lino Nunes, a Salsa pioneer in Algarve. The Algarve Salsa Academy offer the ultimate dance experience blending fun, ease, and comfort with quality dance instruction— in the most beautiful dance studios. Our first-rate services include private dance lessons, group dance classes, wedding dance lessons, and memorable events guaranteed to intrigue beginners and inspire over-achievers.

Whether you are a looking for a new hobby or take your skills to the next level, Algarve Salsa Academy’s unique approach to personalized dance instruction ensures that your needs and desires are met every step of the way.

Come and learn the basics, and you will find how easy it is.

We offer a diversity of styles like Salsa, Bachata (dominicana and sensual), Kizomba, Mambo, Semba, Rueda de Casino, Cha cha cha, Afro and Rumba.

If you are getting married we can help you choreograph a song and provide a beautiful surprise for your guests!

It’s not just about learning to dance, it’s about feeling healthier and happier, while expressing yourself and being part of an incredible community.

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