Finding The Best Dance Classes: 3 Types Of Lessons For Kids

Dance classes are fun for children of all ages, but if you’re looking for a class for your child, you might be wondering just how to find the right type. There are many different types of classes, from jazz, to ballet, to tap and each one offers a different dancing style. Learn about these classes, what you can expect during the class, and what your child will need to have in order to participate.

Jazz Dance Classes

Jazz dance classes are peppy and fun for kids! The music is typically popular and may even be on the radio’s top 40 list. The moves are upbeat and may contain leaps, jumps, spins and more. Female dancers typically wear tight clothes, such as shorts or pants with a tight top or bra top, while male dancers wear a T-shirt with a tank top underneath and a pair of pants or shorts that allows for easy movement. Special shoes are available in either nude or black and can be a lace up or slip on style. These shoes have a small heel and are available with or without small rubber pads on the soles. If you’re signing your child up for jazz dance classes, ask the instructors what type of shoes you should purchase since many instructors want all the students to have the same style or color.

Ballet Lessons

Ballet lessons are one of the most popular types of lessons for kids. Children will learn a combination of traditional moves and turns and the focus is on making each movement as graceful as possible. Kids will need a special type of ballet shoe and may eventually require a special type of pointe shoe that will allow them to dance on their toes (though this can take years and years of practice). Some teachers may ask that students wear special clothing for class, typically a plain black leotard, pink tights and pink shoes. Male dancers typically need a plain white T-shirt, a pair of black tights and black shoes.

Tap Dance Lessons

Unlike other type of lessons, tap dance lessons want kids to be heard! Children wear a special type of shoe with metal taps attached to the heel and the toe of the shoe. These taps help create specific sounds as dancers move around. There are a number of popular moves that take advantage of these taps during tap dance lessons, including the shuffle, the brush and the ball change. If your child is interested in this type of class, talk to the teacher about what type of attire is necessary. Many lessons only require comfortable clothing that doesn’t inhibit movement, but your teacher may have more specific wardrobe requests.

If you’re not sure which type of class is right for your child, consider trying to find a lesson that includes a combination of different types or talking to the instructors at the studio. Doing this can help ensure that your kids are having fun and that’s the biggest reason to start dancing!

Source by Chris A. Harmen

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