Sensual Argentine Tango – Julia Juliati and Ronny Dutra. Narcotango – El Aire En Mis Manos.

Argentine nuevo tango performed by Julia Juliati & Ronny Dutra.
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Our new film:

Choreography by Ronny Dutra. Cinematography by Julia Juliati.
Camera assistant Bozhena Shuplat. Music El Aire En Mis Manos from the album Narcotango 2 by Carlos Libedinsky.
Film by Juliati.

Our new production Last Tango Movie
Directed and produced by Julia Juliati.
Choreography by Ronny Dutra.
Filmed at Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site.
Music: Gente Que Si by Narcotango and Carlos Libedinsky.

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