Sensual Belly Dancing – Stop Feeling Guilty

The woman who is confident, has a high self-esteem and worthiness, and has a healthy attitude about being housed in a female body which embodies womanhood is very comfortable performing and wearing a costume for her physical, mental, and emotional interpretation of her dance performance.

If you are not comfortable or feel awkward, then there is a problem understanding sensuality. There is a dance class or two which you attend weekly in hopes of becoming graceful and beautiful as this dance promises. But you are experiencing doubts. We live in a push button society receiving instant gratification. Stop! It will take time, practice, and gaining essential knowledge to accomplish sensual goals.

What is sensuality? This word describes the enjoyment of physical pleasure. There are many physical pleasures throughout the day. The aromas of breakfast cooking and coffee brewing promise a tasty meal and beverage and a contented tummy to relieve the pain of hunger. Eating is pleasurable, but why do we feel guilty for enjoying sensual sensations?

The movements performed in the art of belly dancing will bring pleasures to our body. This is a healthy form of exercise for conditioning and stretching our muscles. As we burn fat and lose weight, the body becomes more toned and pleasing to the viewer. As a personal observer we are pleased with the results. Another person viewing our success also enjoys pleasure. Aha, there’s the problem! We will admit that we enjoy doing the movements to accomplish our goals, but for some of us we feel very ill at ease when another looks at our beauty.

The onlooker sparks our self-induced feelings of guilt for experiencing personal pleasures and producing an attractive figure. An onlooker may or will experience sensuality as they admire your figure. As we correct our physical shortcomings to be more attractive and healthy, we also need to correct our faulty thinking and gain control of our mental and emotional outlook.

We will all experience pain and pleasure. No one likes pain, therefore enjoy pleasure. Sensuality is focusing on all that gives pleasure. The word « sensuality » conjures sexual meanings and it is important that we understand and have knowledge of their differences.

Every part of our body experiences sensuality. Our eyes see, our ears listen, and our mouth enjoys flavors. Our entire body experiences physical sensations which allow us to hug and kiss, walk, run, and enjoy all of our body’s living abilities and senses.

The belly dancer enjoys performing her movements to the rhythms of the music bringing pleasurable sensations to her being as well as bringing sensual pleasures to her audience.

The audiences are the onlookers experiencing sensual sensations of various pleasures for an enjoyable evening. Feeling uncomfortable with your dance movements has much to do with your knowledge, mental attitude, and emotional comfort.

Sensual feelings indicate that you are alive. Experience it to the fullest; life is short. Human beings are not robots. Everyday utilizes our six senses. All six senses are used in belly dancing movements. Dancing is life. Life is dancing.

Source by Tricia Deed

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