Top 6 Places to Get Ballroom Dance Lessons in Long Island


Ballroom dancing is a partner dance that is enjoyed both socially and competitively. Although it is practiced all over the world it is more popular in North American countries. Because of its spectacular, stage appearance and entertainment aspects, ballroom dance is also largely enjoyed on television, movies, and stage. In the United States, two variations of ballroom dancing are popular. These variations combine both traditional Latin and modern ballroom dance.

Long Island ballroom dance schools are known for its creativity, energetic trainers, and professionalism. As the dance studios in Long Islands are located on thriving locations, people get full access of their favorite studios. Whether you want to learn dancing for your wedding, or for taking part in a competition, you will find numerous places to learn ballroom dance lessons in Long Island.

Following are the descriptions of top 6 ballroom dance schools in Long Island:

Inspirations Dance Academy:

You are familiar with the name of Inspirations Dance Academy if you watch shows like « Dancing with the Stars ». Inspirations Dance Academy is the ideal place to get started. Many of the students from this studio go on to professional dance careers, and others learn for fun. People of all ages can contact this academy for taking lessons like ballroom, tap, jazz, Latin, hip hop, ballet etc.

Royalenova Performing Arts:

It is one of the best professional dance schools in Long Island that strives for competitive excellence. They offer recreational dance for students and explain their audio strategy in teaching different moves. Students can learn discipline, self confidence, and leadership ability from Royalenova.

Ella Marie’s School of Dance:

Ella Marie’s School of Dance is one of the reputed dance studios in Long Island. They offer all type of traditional and modern ballroom dance lessons. You can understand the fame of the Ella Marie’s by viewing the positive reviews from parents and students on different web portals. The place is famous because of its well liked staffs, beautiful atmosphere and professional approach. Ella Marie’s has recently attracted most of the learners as they have renovated to a bigger and better space.

JAM Dance and Fitness Center:

This institution is known for its excellence in energetic choreography and professional instruction. JAM Dance and Fitness Center is currently available in three locations: Great Neck, Dix Hills and Bellmore. The JAM choreographers have been teaching traditional and modern ballroom style since 1994. It was voted Studio of the Year in 2007. They can offer you the ultimate dance experience.

Mark Morris Dance Group:

Mark Morris Dance Studio maintains a philosophy of cleanliness as well as quality. This place is very connected to the community and allows other groups to use their in-house facilities. The facility is neat and clean and hence, they attract learners in a great extent.

Ballroom of Huntington:

Ballroom of Huntington offers the best dancing foundation for beginner and advanced learners. You can get highly trained dance instructor at this place who teach you more than dance steps. The studio offers traditional and modern ballroom styles and its variations including Salsa, Tango, Swing, Waltz, Cha Cha, Fox Trot, Hustle, Zumba and many more. It offers both private and group dance lessons for all popular dance styles.

Source by Amanda Birkey Rogers

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