What to Do Next After Kissing a Girl on the Dance Floor in a Club?

One question that I get all the time is:

What do I do after kissing a girl on the dance floor?

Read carefully…

Relax and don’t make out too much, no heavy make-out sessions, she thereby will not feel slutty and it will all be normal, that’s why she’ll see you again. Be cocky-funny (« I’m going to charge you for these kisses » for example) Leave her alone, have fun with your friends and then comeback.

Don’t change your attitude! This is the number one mistake men do after successfully kissing a girl on the dance floor. They become tense and lose their playfulness. Just relax and stay the same.

Just take some time to befriend her friends and build some rapport with her (there are enough materials out there that teach this, use what works best for you).

If the club is close to where you live, invite her and her girlfriend(s) over for a wine or to play « Who wants to be a millionaire » or whatever you have. She will agree more easily to come to your place if she is with her friends than alone.

Then 2-3 days later, just contact her to ask to meet her again at a location of your choice, preferably your place, to cook together, watch DVD, etc. However, if you feel that things are getting hot, just lead and propose to go your place to show her something.

Don’t change your personality after kissing on the dance floor: stay playful and you’ll be fine!

Source by Ray Drake

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