Insanely Epic!!! ~ Sonia Belly Dance (Beats Antique-EGYPTIC)

Please s u b s c r i b e ~
Watch new video work by Tarázát Films ~ (« The Earth’s Rebirth »)

The song is right in the tittle, you can always see what the song is by looking right under this description where it says « purchase ».
Performance by Sonia Burns.
Watch, in HD. I do not own the song.
« Belly Dance Beyond all Words » ~

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HIGHLIGHTS video of Bela DIva Dance Company click here ~
Filmed and Edited by Tarazat Films.
Canon 60D.
Velbon PH-368 – Tripod head.
50mm f/1.8 II Lens.
My complaint was that i recorded it at 60fps
with way low light, which was why i used filters
to give it a painting like look or antique feel.

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