Insanely Epic!!! ~ Sonia Belly Dance (Beats Antique-EGYPTIC)

Please s u b s c r i b e ~
Watch new video work by Tarázát Films ~ (“The Earth’s Rebirth”)

The song is right in the tittle, you can always see what the song is by looking right under this description where it says “purchase”.
Performance by Sonia Burns.
Watch, in HD. I do not own the song.
“Belly Dance Beyond all Words” ~

Please dont link to other websites with out an OK by Taråzát FIlms.
HIGHLIGHTS video of Bela DIva Dance Company click here ~
Filmed and Edited by Tarazat Films.
Canon 60D.
Velbon PH-368 – Tripod head.
50mm f/1.8 II Lens.
My complaint was that i recorded it at 60fps
with way low light, which was why i used filters
to give it a painting like look or antique feel.

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