Los Hacheros Rockwood Music Hall, NYC | Tres Cubano | Cuban Tres

Here is a great set from Los Hacheros, a fantastic sextet based in New York. The Tresero, Jacob Plasse, has a style much akin to Arsenio Rodriguez; tuning in C with octaves on his E course, and a slightly distorted amplified sound.

La Bomba Soy Yo 0:12
Sin Chano 10:06
Papote’s Guajira 17:55
Hacheros (Baila Con Los Hacheros) 26:51
Azúcar 34:50

Los Hacheros have a stellar recording, released on the Daptone label called Pilon. It was recorded live off the floor with a classic Tascam 388. Available on iTunes (and on vinyl from the Daptone site!)

For more visit www.loshacheros.com
and www.daptonerecords.com

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