Pole Grip for Pole Dancing

Success in pole fitness requires agility, flexibility, power, core strength, determination plus pole grip. All of these factors with the exception of pole grip can be improved with practice and motivation. Pole fitness requires that you can stick to the pole for advanced tricks. Pole dancers who know how to maximise grip on the pole will produce a better performance and will master those advanced tricks. Those that don’t grip the pole correctly you will not achieve the trick they want to master.

If you have trouble with gripping the dance pole, you’re not alone! Many people have problems with their hands slipping on their dance pole during spins and tricks. Lack of strength and environmental factors can influence your ability to perfect a move.

Lack of strength when learning new moves can be a hindrance, increased pole grip can greatly enhance the ability to perfect a new move when strength is not great enough. The use of pole grip aids can help you to achieve a move when you do not have enough strength, you can build strength whilst using the grip aid and when enough strength has been generated the use of grip aids can be decreased.

Environmental factors can cause huge problems even when you have the strength and technique to perform a move. If the air is too cold or too humid it can prevent dancers obtaining the correct grip. Cold air can cause the pole to lose it stick and you must spend time warning the pole up. Excess humidity can cause the pole to be extra slippery even when the pole is warm.

Pole grips can improve grip of the pole on all skin surfaces.

Pole grips are for

  • Dancers who have problems with excessive sweating, to help prevent slipping during spins
  • Students who are learning new tricks and want the extra confidence these products can provide during the learning process
  • Performers who want the benefit of improved grip during their shows, to help avoid slips, falls and other accidents

Pole grips are inexpensive, easy to use and are available worldwide. They offer many benefits including:

  • Improved grip and reduced chance of slips and falls
  • Increased confidence when learning new moves or performing advanced tricks

When using pole grips be cautious as:

  • Grip powders and creams do not guarantee that you will not slip or fall! You must still ensure you have adequate muscle control and grip strength for the spin or trick you wish to perform
  • Pole grips are not generally recommended to improve your grip for spinning, unless you suffer from very sweaty palms
  • If you have sensitive skin, you may wish to apply a small amount to the inside of your wrist first and wait 24 hours to ensure you don’t suffer an adverse reaction

Good pole grip with many parts of your body will help with the necessary pole dancing positions required for fun or competition. It is necessary in pole dancing to gain good grip while practicing in order to begin to trust yourself and move on to the next position. Without a good grip aid, practice time will be greater. Maximise your performance using a pole dancing grip aid.

Source by Paula Xowty

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