Salsa Dancing On The Seine, at Jardin Tino Rossi, Paris

On the left bank of the Seine at Quai Saint-Bernard there is a small park named after the Corsican singer and movie star Tino Rossi. It is between the Sully and Austerlitz bridges and it stays open all night. Because of this fact it has become enormously popular as an impromptu dance venue.

A tango dancer at the « quais de seine&quo…
A tango dancer at the “quais de seine” in Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There’s lots of different types of dance but the popular one is the Tango. Each little amphitheatre here has its own speciality
Even if like me you almost have a club-foot you are so inept at dancing, you can get a free lesson in how to dance the tango in the early evening every night at 7.30 – 8.30 pm (petit cours gratuit d’initiation au tango tous les jours), and then all the real dancers from any age and nationality meet at 8.30 pm and dance until midnight.

Like most things to do with presenting yourself in public – the French do it well – but don’t you be bashful.

Take a picnic and enjoy the great entertainment and watch the river cruisers humming past on the Seine lighting up the banks after dark. You will be mistaken by the tourists on-board for a “Parisien” as you sip your wine out of a plastic flute.

Metro stop either Jussieu ou Gare d’Austerlitz or walk there.

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