SALSA.IT Vol. 13 – LA HISTORIA – Pablo Timba

SALSA.IT Vol. 13 – Let The Music Play

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Now in its 13th volume, Compilation is the eagerly awaited recording event of the winter season, produced in Italy and charged as usual with exciting musical dynamism. The project developed by Alosibla Music Group closes the current year to lead us into the new year launching, as is customary, the ubiquitous slogan which, for this edition, will be “Let the Music Play”. The close connection with the major Italian Latin music portal run by Francisco Rojos, the tireless protagonist and the inspiration behind the project as well as the artistic direction supervisor of the works contained in the compilation, paves the way for Vol. 13 to climb up the charts and to please the taste of its large audience of enthusiast listeners and dancers.

The first of the 21 featured songs is Permiteme, a salsa song composed in Italy but recorded in Colombia, introducing the intense personality of Dyago Salsa, the first new performer of the record. Next comes Para Tito, by Massimo Scalici and his highly-esteemed orchestra La Poderosa, an instrumental track featuring an extremely virtuoso vibraphonist. The dynamism and longevity of salsa is witnessed by La Salsa Vive (Salsa lives on) performed by the highly creative pianist and composer Fabio Gianni. The powerful intro gives way to the irresistible sound of Electro Love, a kizomba by Maximo Music & Weddiamondm that will not fail to envelope the most passionate dancers. El Rubio Loco is back with Por Siempre Amigos, an open-hearted bachata of naturally flowing melodies and touching lyrics. Amiga Luna by Ricky Jo and Maximo Music is more up-tempo and it will sure become a successful floor-filling hit. Klas3 is back again this year with Bandolera, an avant-garde sounding bachata which however preserves its typical features. The most passionate salsa enthusiasts will be thrilled by Fito Gress’s Majaderom, a powerful and mostly instrumental track which will add pure fun to their dancing maneuvers. An unmistakable Cuban flavour characterizes Pablo Timba’s La Historia, a timba featuring Dj Francesco Brizzi and Pedrito Calvo Junior; the Cuban soul lives on in Fua’ by Rodri-go and Dj Paso, a breathtaking salsaton perfectly fit for Ruedas. Marco Puma and his romanticism return with the notes of Necesito de Ti, a gentle bachata charged with emotion. The gorgeous vocals of Voz a Voz convey a tormented and melancholic mood to Estoy Muriendo featuring Marisabel. This edition’s new entry is Mario Basile whose exuberant and irresistible salsa song Esencia enhances the author’s debut. Each edition needs that peculiar touch of experimental and refined sound, provided this year by Que Rico Suena, produced by Francisco Rojos and Fabio Gianni. Marco Puma takes us back to more traditional territory with his mostly instrumental salsa Tocame La Campana, a song conceived for dance whose flawless fluency makes it a perfect dance floor track. Maximo Music hits back with Doce Piano, a ghetto Zouk co-written with Curio247; the perfect sound to celebrate their reconstructed old-time partnership. The only cover song featured on the record is On the Beach, followed by Fabio Gianni’s Sunshine; they may appear to be separate songs, but they share the same charming sound which makes it impossible to separate one from another. No Me Olvidaste marks the exciting comeback of Gianni Dj and Dj Pe’ performing this romantic bachata enriched by Adal’s vocals and enhanced by a well-balanced musical adaptation by Larry Bass.
La Gandia, a very urban style song, is the last track of the official track list. El Jesu, as lively and eclectic as ever, is unique in his genre.
The volume is completed by Latin Blue, performed by the band Azucar, which is a preview of the new album Volvemos scheduled for release in the first months of 2017.

Big ups and congratulations to all the Performers, Authors, Composers, Musicians, Deejays and Publishing Companies for tirelessly supporting the creation of the works contained in this edition. We wish to confirm our appreciation to the whole staff of Alosibla Music Group for providing operational support, to Moreno Bernardinello for coordination and to Ilario Calì.

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