Salsa Video – The #1 Secret to Learning to Dance Salsa Fast

Are you trying to learn Salsa? In this article I am going to give you probably the number one most powerful way to become a better dancer fast. Here it is. Video tape yourself dancing salsa and create your own salsa video.

When you video tape yourself dancing salsa it might feel a bit embarrassing at first. This is OK and it is to be expected. When I first saw my salsa video I know I was embarrassed. Believe me when I say that I looked pretty funny dancing salsa the first time on stage. In fact, you might still even find a YouTube video of me somewhere around the web if you don’t believe me.

But there is nothing more powerful in my opinion than watching yourself from a video to improve your dancing. Obviously, you don’t have to do this if you are just learning your basic steps nor do you really need to worry about this technique if you are not in a hurry to learn the dance fast.

But if you really want to jump start your progress, next time you are on social dance setting in a dance studio or a salsa club simply bring your digital camera with you and ask someone to tape you. Just make sure either your camera is excellent or that the lighting is good enough for you to be able to see yourself when you go home and watch it.

The benefits for doing this are many. First of all, you will probably for the very first time see yourself more objectively from another persons view point. You can take a step back and take a more objective look at your dancing. You can almost become like your own coach, if you will, and give some constructive criticism to yourself.

For example, often when we dance it feel like we are dancing really fast, we might even feel out of breath and exhausted, but when we go back and look at ourself on a video it looks like we are dancing on slow motion. If this is what you notice, the reason for this is simply that the honest truth was that you probably was not dancing with that much impact.

Also, by watching yourself on a video you are able to see any little awkward habits that you might have. You might notice that you hold your hand weirdly or that your posture is not the best. Absorbing your dancing this way and simply becoming aware even a few simply things that you can easily change can make you look so much more polished on the dance floor.

So make sure to use the technology that we have available today to your advantage. Take a camera to the club or dance studio and ask someone to film a salsa video of you and witness your dance skills soar. One day soon you will be glad you did. I hope to get to meet you on the dance floor soon!

Source by Mikko Kemppe

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