Teaching Dance Lessons? Games To Make Classes Fun For Kids

If you’re a teacher who teaches dance lessons to very young children, it’s important to have a plan for each class. Otherwise, it’s very easy for the lesson to quickly become chaos as young dancers each do their own thing instead of listening to their instructor. Here are some games that are fun for pre-schoolers, yet can keep them dancing and learning at the same time.

Why Games During Dance Lessons?

Playing games during dance lessons is, first and foremost, fun! Young children who enjoy themselves during class are more likely to continue with their studies and become long-term pupils in your dance school. Children will develop a love of dancing, but these diversions can also help foster a sense of teamwork between your students. Additionally, they can help shy kids overcome any fears about dancing in front of a group, something that’s vitally important if you’re planning on having your dancers perform in a recital.

Simon Says

Simon Says is fun and easy for even very young children. If you don’t remember just how to play it, it’s simple. Stand at the front of the class and ask the kids to copy your movements whenever you say ‘Simon Says.’ Use simple dancing steps and ballet positions and make sure to tell the children what the moves are called as you perform them. They may not remember what the movements are called from week to week, but you’ll be reinforcing the movements and their names so eventually the children will know what they’re called during dance lessons.


Another fun game is Freeze! In this game, a teacher can play some fun, upbeat music and let the children wiggle and move however they’d like. Once the music stops, the kids freeze in whatever position that they are in. At this point, the teacher can go around to individual students and correct any form or point out students who have correct form and positioning.

Red Light, Green Light

Although this game is usually reserved for kids playing in a playground, it’s easy to tailor it for dance lessons. Call out moves for your students and change them up until a designated student calls out ‘red light.’ Once ‘red light’ has been called, instructors can walk around to students and make sure that they’re doing the moves correctly and then ‘green light’ can be called again. Students can take turns calling out ‘red light’ until everyone gets a chance.

Other Games To Play During Dance Lessons

There are plenty of other games that children can play during their classes. These fun games can include the Hokey Pokey, musical chairs, Follow the Leader and many others. However, don’t limit yourself to games that you already know. Consider making up your own and even asking your students what they’d like to play. You might be surprised at what they can come up with — and how much fun you can have while they’re learning!

Source by Chris A. Harmen

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