Top 5 Ballroom Dance Classes to Take As an Adult

Looking for an exciting way to get your exercise in? How about signing up for a few ballroom dance classes with your partner? Not only will you learn a new skill, but you’ll also get to enjoy spending quality time with the one you love. If you aren’t sure which style of dance to sign up for, review the choices below and pick the one that most appeals to you. Of course, you don’t have to stop at just one class. You can opt for two classes so you’re ready to cut a rug the next time you go out.


As the name implies, the quickstep requires participants to move their feet at a fast pace. Should you be in the market for a class that plays upbeat music and has an elegant atmosphere, then this is the one for you. Music in this category measures 50 beats per minute at 4/4 time. There are a few signature moves you’ll learn in this class, such as quarter turns, chasses, and the lock step.


The samba moves only slightly slower than the quickstep, at 48 beats per minute at 4/4 time. When it comes to ballroom dance classes, this one is an excellent choice for couples with a lot of energy who enjoy music with a party-vibe. You’ll learn how to move your hips, as well as multiple steps that require you to bend and straighten your knees. Most of the dance moves come from Brazilian culture.


Since most of the tango requires couples to remain in a closed position, it is a great option for experiencing more intimacy in your relationship. When you think of the tango, you may picture an image of a woman with a red rose in between her teeth. The instructor may incorporate this into one of your dances if you’d like to give it a try. You’ll find the music follows 32 beats per minute at 2/4 time. Expect to spend time learning the proper posture for this style of dance, as well as alternate hand holds and underarm turns.


If you like to bop around, then the jive is for you. Of all the ballroom dance classes, the jive is the one that is certain to leave you feeling happier than when you came in. Swing music is played at 42 beats per minute at 4/4 time. Kicks and knee lifts are popular with this style of dancing, as well as such moves as the rock step and two triple steps. Women are often twirled around, and couples don’t always utilize the entire dance floor because many steps are done in rapid succession in one central spot.


The rumba follows more box-like patterns and features slow-quick-quick moves to music that is 24 beats per minute at 4/4 time. This dance is more consistent throughout, and an excellent choice for seniors and beginner dancers. A few steps that are popular with this style of dance include the Cuban walk, the 8-count underarm turn, and the rumba box.

No matter which of the ballroom dance classes you take, you won’t go wrong! Each has something unique to offer, while all of them promote a healthy lifestyle.

Source by Anders Abadie

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