Cuban Rumba – « Espiritu » by Clave Gringa – Callejon de Hamel

Cuban dancers Luis Guzman and Ana Ercilia Fuentes Valiente dance rumba (guaguancó) to Ann Reynolds song “Espiritu” (music performed by Clave Gringa). Filmed in Callejon de Hamel, Havana Cuba, 2014. In rumba guaguancó the man and woman play a flirtatious “game” with the man trying to “vaccinate” the woman. She blocks his vacuna.
Espiritu, composed by Ann Reynolds was performed by Clave Gringa and is available on “Para Cuba Con Amor” from, amazon, iTunes. See Clave Gringa web site for more information on the group and Cuban styles of music.

Musicians: Ann Reynolds (piano) Daniel Barry (trumpet) Naomi Siegel (trombone) Ricardo Guity (congas) Edsson Otero (conga- quinto) Francisco « Jr » Medina (timbales) Makala Romero (coro) Wilfredo Fuentes Cespedes (chekere and coro) Felix Enrique Valera Alarcon (coro) Ernesto Valera Alarcon (coro).

Filmed by Ann Reynolds; edited by Lincoln Adler

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