Hanine – Arabia, Violin and Dance show

The primary idea upon which the video was built was mainly the beat as the music had already been written for a dancer at a club where Hanine used to play the arabic violin.

Upon hearing it, Hanine decided to alter some of its elements, marking a transition from pure dancing beats to a more musical, more oriental violin-oriented piece.

As she firmly believes that very little can hope to compete with oriental beats, her mission was to prove to her audience that while she-as an international arabic violinist- embraces diversity in music, she owes it to her own knowledge of oriental music to ensure arabic tunes prevail when pit against western beats.

And while the arabic violin has, for times immemorial, been associated with forlornness and relatively sombre thoughts, she sought to alter it and put an end to the stereotype by creating livelier, happier beats that it may appeal to different audiences.

A violin show by the violinist Hanine EL Alam, dance track Arabia.
New music video released 2018: https://youtu.be/kirt8TZ2htU
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