Collegiate Shag Basic – Practice Collegiate Shag – Dancing Fast

How to Dance Collegiate Shag Fast is really only about a few things, your efficiency, how you’re thinking about your movements and practice! So are you ready to Practice Collegiate Shag with me? Fast? This video goes through different beats per minute practice rounds to help you build up to that next level. I’m doing this solo and you can do it with me, anywhere. So go ahead and practice shag with me! Dance all of them or skip to the speed you want to practice. To keep it easy, we are doing the Collegiate Shag Basic only which is a 6-count but we are doing different variations of the shag basic throughout the song.

***If you’re a lead, mirror my footwork. So weight starts on your left and you’d kick with your right. Verses a follow footwork where your weight starts on your right and you kick with your left.

Dancing Collegiate Shag Fast Helpful Hints: 04:44
BPM 170 – Timestamp 06:07
BPM 200 – Timestamp 09:45
BPM 230 – Timestamp 12:46
BPM 245 – Timestamp 16:06
BPM 265 – Timestamp 19:52
BPM 290 – Timestamp 22:00

The band you’re listening to is Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five featuring Hilary Alexander and I talk more about them and how awesome they are here: 02:13 and you can find more about them here:

I started Live.Collegiate.Shag on Instagram to drive interest in the dance and I’ve had a ton of people who want to learn who aren’t near any of the hot spots. You can find a map under *Resources* here: if you want to find Collegiate Shag near you.

You can find some of the basic Collegiate Shag Footwork in this video: Double Kick Basic, Step Kick Basic, Kick Butt Basic, Cross Kick Basic, Tap Back Basic, Slide back basic, shag breaks, 3 kick basic (no quick quick) – these are all 6 counts with most of them in the Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick pattern. This is not an instructional video but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn from watching, also all these footwork variations can be found in vintage clips.

Thanks so much for practicing Collegiate Shag with me. See you on the dance floor


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