Get Foxy With the Foxtrot!

Many of the popular styles of ballroom dancing are European in origin, but the Foxtrot, with its fun and fast movements, is one style of dance that is as American as apple pie!

The Foxtrot is normally, like swing dancing, is danced to the sounds of the big bands, and is said to have been started by a vaudeville performer named Harry Fox in 1914. He and his dance partner would perform their dance to ragtime tunes, and the dance quickly became known as the Fox’s Trot. Later, the dance became even more popular when it was performed by Vernon and Irene Castle, as well as Arthur Murray.

There are a number of reasons why people love dancing the Foxtrot. It’s fast, fun, exciting, and the music is terrific! There is absolutely no way that one can be unhappy when they are doing the Foxtrot. The health benefits are amazing, and you will even improve your balance and coordination. Your cardiovascular system will be healthier, and you will, at the very least, end up with really great muscle tone!

Today’s Foxtrot consists of fast and slow movements, and of course, you will be paired with a partner for this style of dance. This is a style of ballroom dancing that really lets you show off your fun and outgoing nature. Also, since it is a partner dance, it is an excellent way to meet new people, and you might even just meet that special someone!

There are five basic steps you will learn when you take Foxtrot lessons:

  • Basic Forward
  • Basic Backward
  • Rock Left Turn
  • Forward Progressive
  • Promenade

Once you have learned these steps, you will move on to the following:

  • Right and Left Walks
  • Quarter Turns
  • Progressive Step
  • Left Turn
  • Twinkle Step
  • Box Step

The Foxtrot involves smooth, fast walking movements. There are actually two types of Foxtrot: American Foxtrot and International Foxtrot. The main difference between the two is that in International, danced positions are closed, while the American style of Foxtrot utilizes both open and closed positions.

If you have been thinking about learning ballroom dancing, you’ve got to try your hand at the Foxtrot. It’s loads of fun, for you and your partner, the fast movements provide plenty of exercise, and at the very least, you will learn a new skill that will impress your friends (and probably make them jealous that they can’t dance like you).

Source by Kinley McFadden

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